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So …here is the thing… you may or may not know about your big Sister, I happen to believe in God.  In saying so, I also believe that there will be the second coming of Christ based my three years of researching Revelation…the last book of the Bible in addition to the Bible in its entirety.  What I learned was this and you can either take it or leave it, as we are all entitled to our own belief system here.  When God destroyed the earth the first time, he called on to Noah so that he should build an Arch.  This Arch was not to save humanity, but to save all those who followed in God’s footsteps and leaving the sinners to drown in the GREAT FLOOD, as it were.  After the flood, and all was finished by Him, He created the Rainbow.  The rainbow was and is still a covenant between Noah and the people who survived the GREAT FLOOD, His promise that His second coming will not be by flooding, but with fire!  So when he comes to destroy the world (SINNERS) for a second time, he will burn it and all the sinners in it!  So whenever you see a bright, colorful rainbow, you will know this is God’s promise in the sky.   

Having said that, I think it’s a great gesture that you would like to utilize man’s untouched skill to build your Arch.  I ask the question to you, “what for?” when it’s going to all end anyway?  However, this is my belief and as I said before, you can take it or leave it.  Perhaps one day you will follow my footsteps and find the kind of truth I found.  In the meantime, you have found a different kind of truth, but I am convinced by your thinking, that it is not humanity you want to save, but it is humanity which you want to run from.  So……if you’re truth is finding freedom on Mars, all the power to you brother…after all, man did walk on the moon once before!  LOL   However, having said that, I would also like to caution you before you proceed on your journey to Never Never Land.   I am your sister and I can accept your actions and ways of thinking openly, where the rest of the world you wish to enlist on your journey might think you a cult leader!  If I were not your sister and I say this truthfully , I would think you are attempting to create your own cult.  , you are calling on to those poor lonely, souls who like you, wish to leave humanity and you know what? Many will follow you if they are convinced by your own convictions to find another truth….if this makes any sense. 

Perhaps I am not clear on what it is you’re trying to do, but as it stands, I am thinking this is the direction you are going in.  If I am wrong, then you need to clarify what it is you are trying to say, but in layman’s terms.  Let’s be clear about something…you need not try and convince me of anything because I already believe what I believe, I just need to understand what my brother believes in so that I can back you up when the time calls for it.  If I don’t understand where you’re coming from, how can I? 



First off fhoe would like you to know that YOU and any  other may believe what ever you wish, and I feel no animosity.
 we also see that there is a coincidence .

  fire would  be the cause, knowing, time space and distance being the bible is a astrological road map.
Fire would be the result of our atmosphere igniting when a impact such as when nibiru passes, with its heavy gravitational pull, that would cases the milky-way and or its satellite or (moons) to collide with earth. This in turn being scientifically proven to create a catastrophic event.                                what for?” When it’s going to all end anyway you say .
Did you here what you just said? This is the reason this needs to be done so we do not get wiped out like all the other civilizations in our past.
Yes I have found a truth but mine is deadly and is not worth the chance when we have so much proof and ways to make a change,to ignore.
 I disagree about running from humanity.true I dislike a lot of peoples actions but what can you do right, wrong.If  chaos is in lead, you will be led to chaos. Unless we can see what and who we are.

Man did walk on the moon, but if they did not, and then came to you and said they were going to,
what would you say? Most would say ya rite.but it was shown to you before the Question was then was excepted.
How is this only my beliefs when all would be involved in the E.L.E and all would be extinct?

A cult is the last thing fhoe would want to be creating  and  believe thees are the Kind of problems we have in the world.Some people allow this sort of control to happen to them and  there imaginations to go aerie.
Once again this is for the people to have a choice.WE DO NOT want to rule any one and I DO NOT want to be ruled.when you vote for things what is it your voting for?(choices?) but if you could vote for choices its self we would cultivate ideas then in turn create.

thank you