First off I would  like to thank you from all I have that thanks.

You have gone throughout my site and see a little more yes just a small scratch on the surface of the bigger more grander picture.

I feel and am all over the place because I choose to be.To try and take in all the beauty that surrounds us.For someone in a city this is a very hard thing because it takes change and openness. Seeing all the people in there one world is very depressing intern coming out of a depression this will soon be a mass effect.

Being that i have come to a new light on life so shall you.

Soon all your suffering will dissipate into nothing or dissolve if you will.

You will then find in the nothing you have time time to stop really stop.

Cry then change crying or meditation releases all that is bundling you up in side.

its like a emotional explosion.



This can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing.

There is no good or bad there just is.

Now it comes to choice.

your choice.

My path of choice was rough but i am  hear with you now.

......... Its all mental.

Flow of life dose not stop at the seams infact there are no seams or creases this is what i see as a mental boundery pitty this is a  atrubute and is not seen for what it is.

When you Slow down you see more and you get more details.

When you rush it passes like its all blurry and nothing is obtained except the life you live.

    Enjoy a youtube I created.                                                                                                                                 All that matters is .          perception.    

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