OK there are some people that think that there is planets with a livable atmosphere and can sustain life.
OK why not with all those stars.
we really don't know, but wouldn't want to be that conceded as no only human but general beings to think that we are the only ones.Now in a Egyptian text there is. And they are coming no way well...no... ya right...Stop right there.
What if there is and with all the accurate readings from their text.think more like this.


like knowing the earth was round and mapping stars that is still baffling scientists till today on how they did it.
let us just say.
If in some way your listening and are there, Know this.
If you are a threat you will be treated like a threat but if you are humble
then we shall prosper together and be allies.
But with what we see of your 600 here you are a threat and with all our leaders and decision makers are slipping up with their meetings to worship your 25'owl well some news for you we have evolved and are as of one and will
NOT allow slavery.
If in turn you are just saving yourselves then see that we wish to do the same And would go to many lengths to be free.
The ancient Egyptians were very intelligent and were very impressionable as well.
They are gone and we are here now.They let us know you are there a long time ago and we are ready.
If you are there;)
we do not know if this for sure OK but look on how many facts the Egyptians gave us and how many people from all over worshiped reptile gods that came from above. We are free and we plan to stay that way.
On the other hand you are not there and all we would have to worry about is
the gravitational pull, of nibiru, when it passes. The bombardment it will cause to our asteroid belt into our moon and earth which in turn sending it to crash to earth. That would be catastrophic or as our rulers say :(  E.L.E and then we are no more.    Trust me you do NOT want this.

hear this and judge for your self.Hoax or not ,I came across info on large people found in the ground. know It matches once again with a text from the  Egyptians,bible ect..

 It's all right.

 All the fax. A website for you to see what I see and what we should call.

!!!  IMPORTANT !!!

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The facts are beginig

to get worrisome. but do not worry or panic.

     Remember people it is scary.The last Thing you should do is freak out. If and when it happens Stay calm. This would avoid war  Make a difference If not with me then someone or some way else.

 find a way and do it!



     It's up to you to know.


Know though  we live on learning from our mistakes


But...If so...

we have got

a lot of work to do as of

a race. 



See here. Are they here page.

If you did not under stand

go back.

                     They have been right so far! 

False or not.

we still need something.



                                     WE CAN prevail


                 This looks like battle Armour.  


PLEASE! help find a way.

Comment.                                                                      I hope  You  know how important YOU ARE!

Now that looks like  annunaki.

FyI: If a planet was to come at least close enough to us with a smart race. knowing this power.

It is plausible and easier to get here and do what they did.

    Think we know of this power.

     Why wouldn't they?


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