The earth is a beautiful place.So full of wonders.

 It still looks big even after we got back from looking at billions of stars.

This is because you are still thinking on a 6 foot 2 level. To really think when it's all there in-front of you.

That we are very small

as a general race of beings.

This is what I call the knowledge of the tree's. Now think, if trees had eyes, what would they have seen a 1,000,000 years ago, if not billions, or on another planet zillions of years.

That is a lot of time past and gone.

We are a very slow going race of beings that have not, will not, and cannot reach the fullest potential of our kind.

The reason is because the choices, teachings, knowledge, and abilities that are possible to possess are endless. Note: That is not a bad thing.

To find this light you must know what the world has to offer us first.

and you must go through this site from 123,abc, top to bottom and left to right

with providing the 2 fundimentals. Genuine, Common sense

Or you will NOT see.




do you sense any connectivity with human beings on a cosmic level?.

IF NOT don't worry.

Here it is.

We are the care takers and the destroyers.

Now with this simple thinking in mind, lets look into the place in which we live.

#1 We have nowhere else to go/yet.

#2 We have nowhere near reach our full potential of energy and time

or what our planet has to offer/with balance.

Without energy, time, mass, quantum, gamma, and etc. in an all around way we would not have this.

 The miracle, the miracle in which we live on a tiny little place where the math says that life can grow because of time, space, and  all the fundamental elements that provide life.

Now see this.

Why and where does this power come from?

Not just here but everywhere!






  Between atmospheric, stratosphere, and the earth's magnetic,ferromagnetic fields, and the laws of physics and many more.

Having them all clash together into one, thus giving life/miracle.

This would be considered a miracle or would it? Otherwise we would not be. Know this. If anything changes, even the very slightest, it can cause catastrophic events.

You see the miracle is the fact that they all have met. Understand if one element were to be Just a little different or not even there. The balances of the earth are different or not there. Ig: like burning oil into gas/vapor and this makes the mass or weight of our planet different in an over all view.

Then reacting to the environment  different. Ig: pole melt to compensate for wood burning or gasoline. Can you  see  the change from a mass to a vapor? Where the weight is now different.  We are not warming the world. It is warming its self to compensate from the changes we apply.

The world has its own natural routine that can be seen through the science of the global warming effect and other studies. Burn wood, gas, oil, even having more and more people born every day changes the weight. Once the right people learn this then all the laws and ways would have to be changed, well most of them. A whole new way of thinking.

With a big, "or else" stamped in there somewhere.

Even leaving could be dangerous well on a down the road look. See the space programs must build from what they know, need to see, and understand.

If you take a pound of metal off of the earth. Would the earth be a pound lighter? YES because the pound that is connected to earth to help with the mass/weight,  as of a whole,  is now changed by a pound. It needs to be in its ranges to stay normal (given the range is much bigger) as the miracle that came to be, is now in your hand, in outer space, or is now a vapor from something burnt on earth that would be considered a miracle burning or taken away.

Look and see how much this happens. We try to put fires out to save people but then throw off the earth's routine and then what has been burnt from a solid weight to a vapor weight. Next add what we burn as a race of beings here  bringing in an  all around different weight to earth.

 Do this over and over to the point of having a billion pounds out there. Would that change things more? More so than 1 pound I bet. How about bazillion pounds? We would not have an earth.

Can you see this is the connection and its that easy.

The saying goes everything is connected. OK well if you don't get it yet, just keep trying to understand because in the end it does not matter because not enough people have come to this understanding of reality, with dare I say it genuine common sense..

Meeting of the cosmos


  once again with common sense. Ig. Light when you take a magnifying glass you concentrate the light.Then burning a hole in whatever it is your burning (Not recommended) the world does this at  routine times when it needs it. 

In this is energy. now light has energy to travel faster and harder so therefore further when concentrated to fight earth's gravity. Together how this turns out is that the light microwaves that provide the same intensity as say general light particles also provide  propulsion energy to have the energy to even move or have motion (Change in motion is the result of an applied force.

Motion is typically described in terms of velocity, acceleration, displacement, and time.

You can sum it up and say.


Now you turn on a light in space you would from a distance see a blink. Even after they had turned the light off 10 years earlier. Now if you do the same but with earths gravity you would not see any light, at any time, given the distance it would travel in space but compared to earths forces begin to fall like a bullet shot strait forward.

Another and maybe easier way to think of it. Is a black hole.You can't see light through it. It eats it right? Wrong it eats energy and with this the light. That is why it can eat anything and why it shoot out both ends what would happen if 2 black holes clash? nothing?ooo no something happens.Naturally . They would not repel like 2 opposing magnets but if this was crammed together.This would then send Actual infinity or un-boundedness energy spiraling together and if condensed right.Can create a time flux/rift or rip in time.Still the black hole is kinda like shaking a soda bottle. Full and new. Then opening it. wooooshhhhh. Too much energy.

and did not go anywhere just all over the floor.

displacement of space.

And all still the same/related to everything else.

Now direct this energy with the j hutchinson effect.


Make you think.

To understand all this you must.

know displacement in a very general way.


 now see this computer CALCULATED image below to the right. This is real and this is the comment that came out with this photo.

( Space junk is the common term for debris that orbits the Earth - anything from the remains of old booster rockets to the tool bag that drifted free from a space-walking astronaut outside the space station in November 2008. These bits and pieces range from very small to very large, but they travel at very high speed and even the smallest ones can pose a threat to satellites and manned craft. Here's a by-the-numbers look at the whirring and perilous state of space junk circling our planet:600 — pieces of debris estimated to have been released into space in the collision between the U.S. communications group Iridium Satellite LLC and a Russian Cosmos-2251 military satellite.

200 meters/second (720 km/hour) — speed at which satellite debris is traveling.
A pea-sized piece of debris measuring one-centimeter traveling at 10 km/second has the same kinetic energy as a 250-kg dumpster whirring along at 100 km/hour, according to NASA.
17,000 — number of debris measuring at least 10 centimeters orbiting the Earth, according to 2008 data from the United States Strategic Command.

900 — number of pieces of debris created when China destroyed its Fengyun 1-C satellite in January 2007.
The number of objects measuring between one and 10 centimeters is greater than 200,000, according to NASA's Orbital Debris Program Office.
NASA also notes most orbital debris is located within 2,000 km of the Earth's surface and travels at an average speed of about 10 km/second (36,000 km/hour).
100 years — approximate amount of time that the debris in orbits that are more than 1,000 km above the Earth's surface will continue to travel around the Earth before re-entering the atmosphere. Debris traveling in orbits below 600 km falls to Earth after several years. At altitudes below 400 km, the debris is likely to fall to Earth before it has even been detected or identified.

30 km/hour — the estimated impact velocity of a light piece of debris falling to Earth. The velocity for larger objects is 300 km/hr, according to the Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies.
About three out of every four payloads are not operational, according to a 2008 NASA report.
$100,000 — value of a tool bag lost during a spacewalk in November 2008. Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper lost the bag, which was not tethered, as she attempted to mop up grease that spilled out of a grease gun.

36,000 km — altitude at which most telecommunications and meteorological spacecraft rest.
One in one trillion — odds that a person will be struck and injured by a piece of space debris, according to the Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies.)

Please look at this.  

Earth by distribution

Take 97% over-there and make it 2% How much would the weight of the earth be then? use common sense. It does not matter only because it is like playing with fire. It is not something you would want to see or be in the middle of/catastrophic. Think how many people doubled in the passing years?And how much do they weigh? Every tree that grows bigger every passing year. every whale born.This is what I like to call the effect of ones self or The balance. Now add all that you can think in this manner. Its a lot. and now - deaths man and animal see the math roughly?this is but just one that needs to be seen in this new light. 

NOW. How much does all  that weigh?  Down to the ones that are millimeters and up. Now think If all this together.It would be a very long and tedious study.

Have we changed the weight enough to Have done something?

well.Its strong but how strong?

Look at the climate changes warming and all the graphs that show  levels of rising.

If this study is done we then would see the truth of how we effect the planet.  Bear with me now...Or has it?

Ok so you know this picture global warming.

Some say the idea is real and some say its not. 

I will solve this one once and for all.

I am tiered of hearing the banter.

Global warming is real. OK see the common sense thing needs to be in play here.Remember mass wait remember gravity and the way things move in space well hear is what I think. Loose the mass. You then become lighter right?.Then bringing you closer and closer to the sun  heavy mass. We have a weight and its changing. The weight we have keeps us at this distention.(1. to expand or be expanded by or as if by pressure from within; swell; inflate) In this case weight of retraction, or displacement.

Much like what we know with black holes.

Seen here.

Soooo heavy. It makes things come to it even light year away. OK Its a grate mass. Well the sun has a grate mass to and if we become light enough we will then slowly begin to move closer in its dip  that's why the world is getting hotter fast. Remember keep it simple.  We need a whole new way of thinking.

To stop turning solid mass into vapor.

It is altering the cosmic weight of our planet.

Not one person but all people.

People that are very fundamental to our being here and where we are going in the future.There is a more intense and frightening out come to this .

It would change the way of even all that thinking.Remember Never to assume or dismiss the truth.

Truth will follow regardless until the day you turn your head and see it. Here is a another perspective. little more scary but very very plausible but first you must pass through the Recognition.

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