This page is for live bartering.

my items are listed in the 2 sell-trade-barter pages.

also there is music and youtube under the barter.

If I am not here you can e-mail me and I can send this link when I get your e-mail to barter


give others the link they can chat to you here and you can learn about the item/s 

 FREE to use .

You can skip to the end then type any item/s you want to learn about or just get reveiws on. 

This is a easy, free and quick way to learn more about what

you are buying.

                     If there is a ad on the radio 

            hit the red x on it to get rid of it.                                                                           

                                              basic insurance for a day or more.

Feel free to contribute any way possible you can donate you can give somthing or if you just have a idea about the site and things to improve it more please feel free to let me know.

thank for your time and i hope you find what you are looking for. 

Note:I do not sell only barter items that have been given freely.

I do not take cash for them being i did not pay for them.

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